Does your child need help?

    Does she struggle with friends?

Is he hurting inside?

Is your family stuck in rut?

Everybody needs help sometimes. You don't have to do it alone!

Are you frustrated with the chaos, but don't know how to change it?  We offer specialized therapy services to children and families, combining traditional talk therapy with the latest developments in play and sandtray therapy.  Because play is one of the fundamental building blocks of all communication and how we learn to interact with others, it works with even very young children.

Play in the sandbox of life.

Watching your child struggle emotionally can be  difficult to deal with by yourself.  It is our belief that families can get better if they are given the right tools and treatment by a supportive and understanding professional ally. 

We invite you to come and play with the possibilities.

Specializing in:

  1. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity

  2. Social Skills

  3. Bullying

  4. School Problems

  5. Parental Stress

  6. Family Conflicts

  7. Depression

  8. Anxiety

  9. Trauma/PTSD

  10. Self-Esteem

  11. Grief and Loss

  12. Divorce or Relocation

  13. We also have additional specialized training to work with families that have experienced trauma or abuse.